"What do you think about BreatheLife.Fit?"

Krystal Casey

AHHHHmazing!!! Truest mind/body connection fitness I have ever experienced! My strength and form have DRAMATICALLY improved in less than 30 days!

Ewan Shearer

She kicks my @ss, so I keep coming back for more!

Carole Faig

I have been training with Rebecca for 11 years, she trains my kids too! I travel weekly so I utilize Skype session when away for business. I just connect in the hotel gym and never miss a session!

Richard Brann

Its a little known fact that Rebecca Young is among the best trainers and nutrition coaches in Houston. She has remarkable knowledge of the most effective training techniques, coupled with a keen insight on optimal nutrition.Regardless of your age or fitness level, Becca will get you there! Her infectious energy and enthusiasm will motivate you to success. I have been training with her for 8 years, and she continues to surprise me with the range of skills and depth of her knowledge as a personal trainer.

Martyn Greensmith

Been working with Becca over 5 years and come to appreciate that her depth of understanding is great- from nutrition to stretching, I always feel like her workouts are complete and thought through to make sure the whole body is used.  She even surprises me with tea in the morning!

"Continues to surprise me with the range of skills and depth of knowledge!"

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