Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and instructional paths. Together we create a synergistic team ready to tackle your toughest physical issues or goals.

I began this journey a good 17 years ago as a 3 year old gymnast. Seriously, as a competitive gymnast I learned the value and art of stretching, recovery, endurance, coordination, agility, dedication. All which came to a screeching halt after a car accident at 17. Breaking my hip in 4 places altered my life incredibly. I moved to Killeen, Tx where I began training adults. Working with our Nations Army soldiers was a humbling experience. It was here I trained as a boxer for 3 years, even threw a few punches in the ring, took a few too. One day while training Evette McCuller told me I had a body for figure competitions. So my figure competitor years began, I learned to cut fat, build muscle, cut fat, build muscle, cut fat... you get the picture. This brings us to Houston, here I continued my physique competitions, and personal training with well know Gyms. Something wasn't right tho, they cared more about income than change, meetings were only about sales, and my heart began to hurt, then in 2009 the unthinkable happened. I had a stroke, then another. For the second time in my life, I couldn't walk. Doctors doubted my ability, I gently offered my hand and said,"Hi, Im Rebecca. You haven't met me." the next years offered much growth/chaos, having to reconnect my brain to my body though motion, concentration. I was diagnosed with a disease. Life would seem to all be falling apart. Finally, I learned REAL health, the kind from within, I healed my body, my mind, and connection with earth. I quit having a job and started working my passion in 2012, when my first training studio right off Harvard Blvd. opened. Now here we are Breathe Physical Fitness, and I'm in perfect health, training to be a circus artist. Thing is, no matter where you are in life, nor what anyone says, YOU are the one in control. 

I'll always remind you of that. Welcome home. 

Lover of beauty, life, and all the richness of existence, beginning with our magnificent body! I am a natural seeker of self-improvement and balance, with a thirst for knowledge, and well-being. This path lead me to elevate my study of life and receive degrees in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Houston-CL, specializing in Health research and Pre-Med. Post-graduation, I began working as a Molecular breeding and Hybrid research specialist. There I travelled to various countries learning the behind the scenes chemicals and genetic manipulations involved in the crops that end up in supermarkets and eventually in our body which is creating so much havoc to the environment and in our systems. Eventually, I moved on to a career in the medical industry where I worked with Houston’s largest companies’ injured employees. Seeing the state of fitness of those running our city, state, and country from the streets, parks, cars, planes, construction, retail, to hedge funds, fueled my fire to help improve their quality of life and physical fortitude so that we may see a brighter longer future. In 2012, I met a Pirate and Life Coach, Rebecca Young, whom immediately began mentoring me. Prior to which, I had maintained a fitness regimen for myself by creating my own weight lifting and cardio routines, practicing P90X, INSANITY, and various styles of latin dancing. Together we share a passion for living life to the fullest and helping create the best you you have ever been by sharing our gifts in natural nutrition and optimization of your body’s functionality and structure. That is why we joined forces to open Breathe Physical Fitness.

Rebecca Young

Thing is, no matter where you are in life, nor what anyone says.

YOU are the one in control.

Lizette Mendoza

Believe in yourself today and now. Make choices now that make you excited   for your  best tomorrow, build momentum now for what you desire from life - health, love, happiness...

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